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On-X Aortic Mechanical Heart Valve

Well, I am back writing and what a ride I have been through. After having triple negative breast cancer, chemo and radiation, my aortic heart valve was compromised to say the least. My heart was healthy before treatment from radiation and after is was 20 years of damage done in 2 years time. My take is that it got fried along with the cancer. So, open heart surgery was not in my plan but trying to work out 2 hours a day and riding my bike, I could not even get out of the development. Never did I think it was a heart problem. My doctor did not mess around. She had my heart checked and heard some things she was not happy with. Well I got my new valve on Aug. 28,2021. I have become vegan and am following Dr. Joel Fuhrman's diet to a tee. Anyone interested in joining me I would actually Love that. I am aiming for 22 percent body fat, so I have about 35 pounds to lose. And yes chemo, because of steroids makes it extremely hard to lose weight. I have made lots of yummy recipes and my family members have changed their way of eating before anything serious happens to them. I will be writing much more on the subject. Please come along on this journey with me

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Rhonda Fischer
Rhonda Fischer
Sep 03, 2021

I have started the Nutritarian way of eating and following Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Everything he talks about on you-tube makes the most sense to me and I have lost 25 pounds since May so far.Its hard to give up white sugar, white flour, salt, meat, dairy and oil but it can be done.

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