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Donate a book to a child with cancer. Written by Rhonda Fischer

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

After being diagnosed with cancer and knowing what an adult goes through, I realized how devastating it is to live in the hospital with your child, especially during the holidays.

I have put aside a number of my two published books to donate to children with cancer for a donation of $20. All money goes to the publication of more books. This insures that a child gets a book hand delivered with the inscription "You are loved, always and always" on the inside.

Our hope is to get a book into the hands of each child to put a smile on their face. The books are deluxe hard-cover and in musical rhyme and kids read them over and over again. It's Randy Kazandy Time, the very song that is sang on Disney Radio, can be heard on MagicBlox children's online library.

Randy Kazandy's Motto: "I love being me" captures the hearts of children. Based on a true story. Hidden glasses throughout the book for the explorer in your child to find.

Crooked Granny Grunt doesn't drink milk, but find out what happens when she takes a sip?Crooked Granny does a flip! Based on a true story.

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Rhonda Fischer
Rhonda Fischer
Feb 05, 2020

Thank you to all the people who donated Randy Kazandy books and Crooked Granny Grunt books. We will continue to find ways too give back. You have brought happiness to a child.

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